New businesses

Launch your new business, from initial idea to start-up. Discover the seven steps that will make your dream a reality. 


1- The idea

  • What are your options?
  • Where can you find ideas for a business?
  • Is your project well defined?
  • Is it feasible?

2- The entrepreneur

  • Do you have the makings of an entrepreneur?
  • Do you have people you can rely on for help?
  • Do you need further training?
  • Are you able to invest in your project?

3- Market research

  • Can you give a detailed description of your product or service?
  • Is there sufficient market demand for your product or service?
  • To whom will you be selling your product or service?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • How much of the market share could your company capture?

4- Planning

  • What do you need to do before starting your business?
  • Will you need permits, licences and registrations?
  • Where will you procure the necessary equipment, merchandise and supplies?
  • What will your marketing strategy look like?
  • Will your company create jobs?
  • Will you need financing?

5- The business plan

  • Describe your company;
  • Introduce your team;
  • Conduct a market analysis;
  • Present your marketing strategy;
  • Identify your human resources needs;
  • Determine your financing needs.

6- Financing

For more information, consult our page about financing

  • Make sure that you know your business plan and all the benefits of your project inside out;
  • Clearly set out your financing needs and your personal financing contribution;
  • Establish a time frame for obtaining financing;
  • Find out what your financial partner's main requirements are;
  • Make sure that your have an alternative plan in case your negotiations don't go as expected.

7- Starting up

  • Get the necessary permits and licences;
  • Open your bank accounts;
  • Create your government accounts (GST, QST, CNESST, etc.);
  • Make sure your ideas are put into action and all activities are carried out;
  • Set up appropriate accounting and management systems;
  • Publicize your launch!
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